20 Apr 2014

April 2014

This is Comfrey.  I harvest its leaves and add them to kitchen scraps when preparing food for the Garden Ecobed wormfarms.  Its grown in drip irrigated beds with unrestricted access to the subsoil, and its deep roots mine the subsoil for valuable minerals.

I am no expert at growing herbs, but I started growing a wider range 3 years ago to increase pollinator activity and provide habitat for insect predators.  They are well established now and I want to start using more of them in the kitchen.

The only herbs we currently use straight from the garden are Rosemary, Sage, Parsley and Basil, and they taste so much better than supermarkets ones.  I plan to use more of my own herbs both fresh and dried.

This blog records how I grow herbs and how I harvest and preserve them.  I use a page to cover each of them (see page Index), and as I gather information and experience, I will regularly update them.